When it comes to bedtime snacks, there’s a reason why sugar doesn’t typically make the list. While foods with tryptophan, vitamin D, or magnesium can help you drift off to dreamland, foods high in sugar and saturated fat are actually associated with disrupted sleep patterns, and eating sugar late in the day can potentially affect melatonin production. But… the best part of dinner is dessert, so what’s a person with a sweet tooth to do in the evening?

Yes, Even Natural Products Can Cause Bad Skin Reactions

It seems like natural products would be safer for your skin than their chemical counterparts, but experts say that’s just not true. You may think that using all natural skincare products lowers the odds you’d have a bad reaction to them. After all, things that are free of harsh chemicals should be easier on your skin. But, […]

5 Genius Ways To Make A Meal Out Of A Sweet Potato

Right now we’re seeing everyone baking cookies and sweet treats, but in my opinion, now is not the time to be on the banana bread bandwagon. We should be looking for foods that support immunity, nourish our bodies, and don’t spike our blood sugar. If you’re craving a starchy food, look to the sweet potato. It’s […]

25 (scientific) happiness hacks

Some people just ooze happiness: They always seem to be smiling and having fun, and let negative emotions and experiences roll off their backs. But if you think there’s no way you could possibly ever be that way, you’re wrong. Science proves that you do have the power to change your outlook on life.