Naturopathic Medicine Membership Program

Our naturopathic medicine membership program allows you to take care of yourself without having to regularly drive into town. It’s a customizable program that provides you with the confidence and accountability you need to maintain a healthy life.


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Basic Program

  • Initial 60-minute appointment
  • Address primary concerns
  • Create custom naturopathic plan
  • 30-minute follow up consultation within 2 weeks
  • Six additional 30-minute appointments over 6 months
  • Extensive blood work including assessing thyroid, diabetes and inflammation
  • Micronutrients panel assessing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids and amino acids
  • Access to discounted supplements

Price $1,997

I am so glad I found Dr. Deneen. I suffered from congestion, inflammation, always clearing my throat and developing pneumonia every year. I had been to doctors and specialists always putting me on prescription drugs. Dr. Deneen gave me a food allergy test, discovered what foods I was allergic to and all of my symptoms have gone. She works with your body and she is very good. I appreciate her so much. Vicki G

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Digestive Health Focus

Cup of yogurt with fresh fruit on it

  • Basic program benefits
  • Food sensitivity panel
  • Test for intestinal microflora
Price $2,797

Fatigue & Hormone Focus

Woman meditating next to lake at sunset

  • Basic program benefits
  • Comprehensive hormone panel
  • Food sensitivity panel
Price $2,677

Heart Health Focus

Heart Healthy foods

  • Basic program benefits
  • Cardiac health panel

Price $2,197


Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we ask that you give us 48 hours + notice. No show or late cancellations will be charged the full appointment price. No show or late cancellations as part of a package or membership program will deduct one session from the package.

Patient Testimonials

I’m about to turn 50 and decided I needed some extra self-care. I was struggling with sugar cravings, digestive issues, inflammation, and weight control. I didn’t realize I also struggled with lack of energy. Dr. Deneen did an assessment of my current supplements and recommended some changes. She was focused and listened to all my concerns. I have been doing acupuncture treatment regularly. My results were life changing, my energy levels encouraged me to join the YMCA and now swim laps multiple times a week. I’m on a better path to have more control over my health issues. I appreciate Dr. Deneen’s knowledge of giving me a more vibrant path to healthy living. Lisa T

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When my wife was sick with cancer in 2009, she had Dr. Deneen as her Naturopath at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa and was very happy with her care. Years later my wife recommended that I give Dr. Deneen a try when I was having some minor health issues associated with growing older: not sleeping well, low T, weight gain. The first thing she recommended was a 14 day cleanse. I was a bit skeptical but ready to try anything really. My wife did the cleanse with me and it consisted of drinking two shakes a day, taking some supplements and eating clean, low fat, low calorie dinner for 14 days. After the first few days it became pretty easy to do and stick with the diet. It also helped doing the cleanse with my wife. I was surprised at how much weight I lost in just two weeks (nearly 8 pounds) and how great I felt. I was sleeping much better and had more energy. It was an eye opening experience that taught me what I needed to do to be able to effectively lose weight and stick with it. She also put me on some supplements for low testosterone as well as heart health. I got my annual physical about three months later and was happy to see that my testosterone levels had increased for the first time in about four years. It was the best physical I’ve had in years and it was due in large part to the medical guidance of Dr. Deneen. R.F.

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My cousin actually found Dr. Deneen online for me when I started having some autoimmune issues recently. I live in OKC but she offers telehealth so it’s been very convenient to see her. I had to have surgery and she gave me several naturopathic remedies to support my recovery. The surgeon said I had to be out of work for two weeks, I was back in three days with no pain pills. When my two-week appointment came along the surgeon was stunned at how well I was healing. Dr. Deneen has also been helping me tackle other issues since and I’ve been very pleased with her. She asks questions that I hadn’t even thought of and her care strategy really focuses on the whole person, not just the symptoms. I’m not back to 100% yet but I’m feeling better than I have in months. Sara L

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I went to Dr. Deneen shortly after I was diagnosed with cancer. I felt I would need a natural approach to healing as well as what the traditional medical establishment planned for me which was surgery, radiation and chemo. My trips to Dr. Deneen over the several months of treatment were like a light in my darkness. She balanced my energy after radiation treatments and so much more. She offered excellent advice on my diet along with herbal essences to help me heal and sleep. She understood what I was going through and made my journey to health so much smoother. Juliann G

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