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Dr. Shana Deneen
If you are looking to naturally enhance your health and take care of your mind, body and spirit; you have come to the right place. Transforming your vitality and your life for the better, helping you look and feel your best and enjoying yourself along the way is my specialty. I use natural medicines, acupuncture, holistic and herbal medicines and essential oils to help my patients. My approach is to help my patients reach their health goals in a drug free, pain free and natural route. Our bodies can heal themselves, let me show you how! Click here to check out my Facebook page for updated tips that can truly enhance your health and lifestyle! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Our bodies can heal themselves, let me show you how!

    Dr. Shana Deneen

    (918) 884-6005 office
    4157 S. Harvard Ave Suite #111
    Tulsa, OK 74135

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    Thank you Dr. Shana. Thank you for helping me out. I had several failed IVF cycles and the cycle with acupuncture clicked and the pregnancy sustained. Our heartfelt thanks from our family for your help. Read more

    I first met Dr. Deneen at CTCA as she was my Naturopath when I had Stage IV Neck cancer in 2015. She was, and has always been, amazing. Since that time she has assisted me with normal life things that come up, as well as post cancer issues. I can not recommend her enough! Read more

    Dr. Deneen is an excellent Naturopathic Physician. I entirely endorse her skills in Women’s medicine and acupuncture however her skills set goes far beyond these two areas. Her bedside manner is fantastic! Read more

    I have dealt with chronic sinus infections for the last 14 years. I underwent allergy testing and was told I had no allergies. Yet, every spring and late fall, I would get congested and eventually develop a sinus infection. My friend suggested I visit her naturopath, Shana Deneen. She listened to all my concerns, tested for food allergies, suggested some supplements and provided acupuncture. I am happy to say that for a year now, I have had no sinus infections and am enjoying improved digestive health. My quality of life has improved and I am so thankful for Shana’s help. – CS, Tulsa OK Read more