Beat The Heat: Best Teas To Sail You Through Summer

Summers are here and we’re increasingly experiencing cravings for cold treats and chilled drinks to beat the summer heat. A cup of tea probably doesn’t hold as much appeal to us anymore, because the mere thought of sipping on a hot beverage in this punishing heat is repulsive. However, for ‘teacholics’, the drink is always a favourite, no matter what the temperature. Drinking hot and milky masala chai during summers, especially in India, is not a very good idea. For one, the hot tea can upset your stomach and increase body heat.

So swap your regular cup of tea for a soothing cup of any of these teas, which can be prepared both as hot and cold brews:

  1. Hibiscus Tea- Hibiscus tea is one of the best ways to keep cool naturally during the summers. The sweet and fruity tea was the drink of the Egyptian pharaohs and is believed to be the secret to their remarkable youth. The tea relaxes you from the inside as it lower blood pressure and prevents oxidative stress caused due to UV light.
  2. Barley Tea- Toasted barley tea, also known as Mugicha in Japan, is a summer beverage, made by simmering lightly roasted barley grains in water. It has a toasty flavour with slightly bitter undertones. However, if you want a cold brew, you can even buy barley tea bags. It helps to reduce stress and rehydrates the body naturally.
  3. Rose Oolong Tea- This is a beauty tea that can help you look and feel fresh even during the summers. Oolong tea is a fat burner and is also rich in niacin, which detoxifies your body naturally. Rose is one of the best ingredients to cool your body. So instead of reaching for that calorie-rich rose syrup you usually drink during summers, have a cup of rose oolong tea instead!
  4. Lemongrass Tea- Lemongrass is a great herb for the summers. Lemongrass tea is made by seeping the grass (or boiling it for a hot brew) in water. It treats bowel spasms, keeps you hydrated, improves digestion and also treats menstrual pain.
  5. Basil and Mint Iced Tea- Mint is added to a ton of summer coolers and beverages, but the basil mint tea is a treat for tea lovers. The two herbs have cooling properties and a brew with both of them together is just perfect for the summers.
  6. Kashmiri Kahwa- The Kashmiri Kahwa, despite being hot, can be as good for you during summertime, as it is, during winters. It’s a natural stress buster and also treats digestive troubles (which often tend to falre up during the summers).
  7. Bubble Tea- Beat the summer heat with the trendy bubble tea, which is a cold brew and contains tapioca pearls. Tapioca is a healthy carb and is used in a number of Indian fasting dishes as well.
  8. Iced Matcha Green Tea- Matcha green tea is an evergreen brew that has a host of benefits, not the least of which is weight loss. Brew a tall and cool glass of this bright green tea for a healthy and hearty summer.

These stellar teas will make you sail through the summers with ease, all the while helping your digestive system along.

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